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A moment from Christophe’s past. As has been shown in previous pages, Christophe has seen a lot of the battlefield, even in this brief war.

As for the Dhuvalian system of divine-right royalty, folks have commented that it’s quite unusual in a country with a high focus on technological innovation. They’re right. Study of real-world cultures shows that highly centralized power and resources is bad for technological and social progress because it artificially limits the amount of people who can contribute meaningful change to a society. That puts a big damper on progress. Two unusual features of Dhuvalian society help allow for them to keep moving forward compared to real-life examples. These features are their more forward thinking system of succession and from some peculiarities of their religion.

The Dhuvalian system of royal succession is more democratic than it appears. The Crown Prince’s children may not receive his title. Instead he must pick one of the Principalities to succeed him. That Principality must then pick an heir from among their own ranks to be the next Crown Prince. The Crown Prince may not pick his own Principality (and for him to do so would start a war). This mean that power is traded around frequently and that everyone is essentially forced to play nice with each other and agree upon a common vision, This lessens the crazy despotic power-moments that often sidelined the progress of real-world monarchies. Power is still highly centralized, but it’s better than a simple dictatorship.

As for their religion; Queen is, in essence, a fertility goddess. The religion is mostly concerned with procreation, death and occasionally the weather and crops. Unlike the Dark Ages Catholic church in real life, the Church of Queen never made definitive statements about the state of the heavens or the age of the world. This meant that the Church of Queen never had to suppress knowledge related to math, physics or astronomy. The Catholic Church in the Dark Ages found themselves doing that sort of thing because anything that proved them wrong was dangerous as it weakened their authority. The Church of Queen had no stance, so there was nothing to contradict.

Now, with a religion that’s focused on procreation there is, of course, the natural question “What about homosexuality?”. The Church of Queen doesn’t have much of an official stance on it because their faith prefers to pretend that it doesn’t exist. Dhuvalian societiy’s stance is simple. You can be gay, you can even have various lovers, but you’re still going to get married and have children. If you don’t then you’re an embarrassment to your family. This attitude is somewhat… medieval. There is a strong emphasis culturally on the idea that fertility is a virtue. It also means that people with reproductive disorders may come under undue social scrutiny. When your God or Goddess governs fertility, anybody who has fertility issues is either defying their creator or has been cursed by them.

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