Hey Everyone,

Planning sessions and briefings are a critical part of war, yet they seem to often be overlooked in fiction. At the time of writing this my brother is still in the service and few things make me cackle more than watching him try to play Call of Duty and other various modern war games.

“Who’s covering me?”

“Wait… Who’s coordinating our geometries of fire?”

“Wait… Who’s in charge?”

“Wait… Where was the two hour long meeting explaining what the fuck we were gonna do here?”

This kind of inspired me to start putting more stuff like that in MLaW. Our beloved Free Marketeers might not be full-on soldiers, but they’re still professionals who want to do their job right so they can survive and get paid. I also decided to do this because some of best ‘war stories’ I’ve heard revolve entirely around stupid things that happen in meetings.

Thanks for reading,

– Luther out

PS: Yes, calling it ‘Element Shit-Kicker’ was Theroux’s idea. And yes, those are Theroux’s drawings on the map. He’s very proud of them.