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  1. nweismuller

    An actual planning meeting giving us an idea of the tactics being used? Awesome! And it looks like the Free Marketeers have some assets that will help them counter Dhuvalian cloaking. Now to see how much of the plan survives contact with the enemy…

  2. vonBoomslang

    Well, based on the law of Unspoken Plan Guarantee, they’re fucked.

  3. SteelRaven

    *Looks at plan, walks up to the commander*
    “Making sure your not the enemy.”

  4. Keith the verbose(and more than slightly annoying)
    Keith the verbose(and more than slightly annoying)

    OUT DANM STANDING TROOP! About time somebody got their feaces together and started doing this.

  5. Keith the verbose(and more than slightly annoying)
    Keith the verbose(and more than slightly annoying)

    Just remember Finnigan’s dicta “Murphy was a fookin’ optimist”

  6. Tbolt

    Hee, hee, this brings back some fond memories of time served! =^^=

    Now practical experience tells us that all this goes out the window once the rounds start flying, but at least there was a framework…

    Oh, arty! That’s me! =^W^= (Well at least in WoT)

  7. motorfirebox

    Haha, oh my god that MS Paint planning board is the BEST.

  8. Matti

    I’m reading book Heavy Metal: a Tank Company’s Battle to Baghdad. Tank company Charlie Cobra secures crossroads near town. Heavy mortars shoot once hour and getting closer. Reports to radar surveillance personnel are replied with: “controlled explosions of enemy equipment” or something like that. Then higher ranked officers and iraqi defector come for visit, they study map, mortars blast again, all newcomers scramble for cover… Except Cobra personnel, who call blasts “controlled explosions.”

    Anyway visiting officers call in Kiowa helicopter to bring down tower where observer is directing the fire. Kiowa brings down wrong tower and flies off. Cobra tanks shoot down the right tower.

    Funny stuff that. I’m hoping to see something like that in this comic. And this briefing is plenty of fun as well.

  9. quoz

    A plan is simply a list of things that aren’t going to happen.

  10. CaptEndo

    Sounds like my day!

  11. Killercow

    TWO GROUPS did well last time now we’re gunna send those two groups straight at the enemy.

  12. tkg

    I don’t know whats better, that you included a planning session in this one, or that it seems Theroux drew it in crayon.

  13. Hornet

    Lol, take special note we are working outside of operation area for air support, no pod pickup. Translation: all limb pilots are dead.

  14. Gillsing

    In the second panel of this page 141 I assume that “emember” should be “remember”. Just FYI in case that’s something you’d like to fix. Even if it’s now been months… With a name like “Theroux” I guess it could be some French-like accent, but then I would’ve expected an apostrophe instead of the missing R.

    Now I shall continue to feast upon your delicious work.

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