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  1. Penwriter

    The plan isn’t so odd. But why was she calling in the middle of the night? Quite a sudden urgency here for some reason. There is more to this than Volteza’s letting on isn’t there?

    Fraid I can’t give any recommendations on Aldnoah.Zero, but I would like to point you at another good mecha anime/manga called Knights of Sidonia if you haven’t already seen it. Its pretty cool and might give you some inspiration.

    Keep up the great work, this comic’s great!

    • vonBoomslang

      The timing suggests her father is about to receive a healthy dose of Free Marketeer lead by morning.

      • folti

        Or he’s simply too old or have recently discovered health issues, which forced his daughter to speed up finding a successor, who is mmore to her own liking.

    • Sazuroi

      Only now I notice somebody recommended Knights of Sidonia. XD I also recommend it, but I prefer the manga. The style feels rather strange in an anime, and manga tend to have more content as well.

  2. Matti

    I’ve seen praise for Aldnoah.Zero elsewhere. I don’t have much time to spare for anime, and right now the little time I have goes with The Irregular at Magic High School.

  3. SteelRaven

    Interesting proposal, I wonder whats the catch.

    Just watched the first two episodes of Aldoah.Zero on Crunchy Roll; good art/animation, it’s certainly better executed than the last few mecha series I have watched but it’s hard to take the villains seriously. The bad guys are yet another group modeled after medieval monarchy (Japan loves there tropes) who are over powered to the point of “when did the Angels from Neo Genesis attack!” But so far that’s my only complaint, I’ll try watching some more later.

    • Sazuroi

      It seems to be tightly planned and the project leadership is the guys who did Fate/Zero, so I have high expectations. So far they seem able to match it. It really isn’t about the medieval guys and their hangups if you ask me, that’s just a vehicle for the actual discourse.

  4. Keith the verbose(and more than slightly annoying)
    Keith the verbose(and more than slightly annoying)

    Peak at 28… Col. Robin Olds would disagree with her.

  5. Miaow

    Is the timing of the call linked to her talking to her sister, who may or may not have something to say about it? Or her father, who presumably makes the decision if the sister herself doesn’t?

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