Name: Henry Macon

Nationality: Free Marketeer

Rank: Ownsmann

Sent by the 1st Investment Recovery Battalion’s Board of Directors to oversee operations regarding the Mega-Fun-Foods contract. Self-assured and ruthless, he understands that the company’s interests come before everything else. Everything.



Name: Ogelthorpe (Oggie)

Nationality: Free Marketeer

Rank: Pit-Boss

The lead mechanic on base, there isn’t much Oggie hasn’t seen. He has no time for fools, hot-shots or heroics but takes pride in a job well done. He might not command anything outside of the Pit but there isn’t a person on base who commands more respect than Oggie.


Name: Alphonse Bragg (Big Al)

Nationality: Free Marketeer

Rank: Fore-Pilot

Call Sign: Lawman-Actual

Lecherous, shameless and snide but good to his friends, Big Al leads FIST Lawman with remarkable professionalism.


Name: Terrence Uzzard (Vulture)

Nationality: Free Marketeer

Rank: Pilot

Call Sign: Lawman-1

Born and raised in the deepest bayous of Treadhaven, Vulture is laid-back and generally good-natured, rare qualities for a mercenary.


Name: Betsy-Ray Simon

Nationality: Free Marketeer

Rank: Pilot

Call Sign: Lawman-2

Educated and insightful, Betsy-Ray is the most recent addition to FIST Lawman but is already ascending the ranks due to her prudence and practicality.


Name: Dizzee Jenkins

Nationality: Free Marketeer

Rank: Pilot

Call Sign: Lawman-3

Aggressive and impetuous, Dizzee is the youngest pilot on base and it shows. In his free time he collects vintage stereo equipment.


Name: Julius P. Theroux

Nationality: Free Marketeer

Rank: Captain

Call Sign: Crunch-Time-Actual

The chief combat commander on base, Theroux enjoys being the top dog and hates anything that upsets this. Blunt and crude but a useful person to have on the battlefield. Just don’t piss him off


Name: Amalia Arauja-Brago

Nationality: Free Market (previously Salbhaçan)

Rank: Bull

Callsign: Rodeo-3

Forward, violent and more than a little crude; Amalia is known to her team-mates as “Vaca Louca”, which refers to both her temperament and her Salbhaçan origins.


KevinName: Kevin

Nationality: Free Market

Rank: Pitmann

Wait… you don’t know Kevin? He’s Kevin! He’s been there the whole time, we swear!



Name: Duke Sebastian Hermantier

Nationality: Dhuvalian

Rank: Duke of Champsdorés

An envoy of His Majesty the Crown Prince of Dhuvalia.