People are insatiable. Economics is founded on this principle. So is The Free Market, a nation without rulers and no law beyond the rule of coin and the watch of the Contract Enforcement Board. Based in the city of Treadhaven, a swampy megalopolis bristling with corporate towers, their influence is far larger than their relatively small population would suggest.

Unparalleled in efficiency, these companies are driven only by a need to acquire. This ruthless attitude makes operating abroad in other countries difficult. Wherever corporations of the Free Market go, conventional companies crumble under the fierce competition. Violence happens and that’s what security contractors are for.

Look now to the 1st Investment Recovery Battalion. Their employer, Mega-Fun-Foods, hired them to protect a huge tract of farmland. Mega-Fun-Foods bought this land from the Allied Principalities of Dhuvalia, a feudal monarchy known for its high technology and low opinion of any contract that doesn’t carry a royal seal on it. The Dhuvalians and their Crown Prince claim to still own the land that Mega-Fun-Foods has been working for the last two years and they want it back. That ain’t gonna happen.

Employed by the 1st Investment Recovery Battalion, Betsy-Ray Simon is a pilot in Fist Lawman, a squad of four LIMBs. The LIMB is a sixty ton walking war-machine and de-facto ruler of the modern battlefield. They carry the big guns and their pilots make the big money. This is her story, but not just her story. The story of her friends. The story of her enemies. The story of a war.