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As for some of the folk’s questions about the Knuckledusters Anti-Armor weapon: Knuckledusters are essentially a disposable unit. They have a steel safety plate over the anti-tank mines on their attack side which is there to help prevent accidental cook offs in case of damage to the Limb. This safety plate is discarded as soon as the Knuckleduster unit is removed from the Gun-O-Vendâ„¢ on the Limb’s back. This also means that once a Knuckleduster is brought to bear, it must either be used or disposed of. You can’t put it back.

The CL-26 Outrider is capable of carrying up to 3 Knuckleduster units. After use the Knuckleduster’s grip is discarded for the sake of expediency and just freeing up spare weight. After the Security Operation is finished, certified ‘Recovery Teams’ (aka: bottom feeders) return the grip units and safety plates to the Pits. If the discarded grip isn’t too damaged by use then the engineers can install a fresh set of mines, attach an in-tact safety plate and load up the Knuckleduster for a fresh use.

Even if the grip unit is destroyed in the process, the value of destroying an enemy Limb is so large that it makes a large piece of machined steel essentially a rounding error on the books. Especially because that machined steel can still be melted down and sold off at market price.

As for ammunition costs: previous Free Market security companies have tried charging their employees for ammunition or providing a set allotment but that practice was abandoned years ago. Pilots tended to hoard ammunition and sell each other their allotments with prices based on existing battlefield conditions, which was a complete mess. Some pilots walked away pretty wealthy, but it wasn’t efficient for the company to keep losing Limbs because someone had already traded away all their missiles on the assumption that the bandits were only going to field infantry on a particular operation. Yet again, the price of ammunition was essentially a rounding error compared to the price of a new Combat Limb.

In other news, some good friends of mine have just opened a website of their own! These friends have a group called the Con Artists who perform comedy panels at various Anime and Sci-Fi conventions in the American North East. Their most beloved panels are their “Burn on Sight” presentations, where they review the worst possible games and anime shows that they can find. It’s equal parts hilarious and painful, they have video recordings on their site for your viewing ‘pleasure’. They also do regular reviews in case you’re looking for some interesting stuff that’s a little off the beaten path in terms of games or anime.

If any of this seems to tickle your fancy then you can find their website HERE.

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