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Back to our Free Marketeers! On one hand I would judge this character’s leisure activities, on the other hand, entertainment is hard to come by in a war zone. People develop some strange hobbies.

As for our last page with Volteza. Some have expressed their concern that we went a little overboard with the shadows and creative lighting in that scene. It’s possible and we may go back and tone that down a little when we get some free time. I’m a sucker for dramatic lighting so I might have been the one to push Matt to draw the scene that way. For what it’s worth though, I agree with Volteza. Nuclear power is the necessary future of energy production, there’s nothing else out there with the energy density and consistency. Will reactors sometimes kill people? Probably, but the coal industry already kills over 1 million a year globally in our world. That’s worse than Chernobyl, the worst nuclear energy incident we’ve ever had.

Also, some of our more insightful readers noticed that the MLaW-verse might not be so inclined towards nuclear energy due to events in their past. Let’s just say it’s all related to the Impossible Wars.

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- Luther out

UPDATE: Due to some artistic concerns this week’s page (August 15th) will be pushed back to next week (August 22nd). Thank you for your patience.