Hey Everyone

So, I’ve got a collection of good news and bad news…

The good news is that the next page is up! Thanks for your patience while we got this one done. The bad news is that the site is going to move soon. While the support of our readers on Patreon has been nothing short of spectacular, I’ve been filling in the financial gaps out of my own pocket since, well… since this comic started. That was a lot easier when I had a steady office job. Now that I’m managing an indie game studio (still working on our first title), I can’t reasonably justify the expense.

This does not mean that My Life at War is going away. Matt and I still love this project and we’re still turning out pages for it whenever we get the chance. However, we will simply be spending the next few weeks moving MLaW over to a tumblr site, so the comic always has a home of some sort. This website should be up and running at least until the end of the month, so make sure to get your bookmarks updated!

MLaW: Tumblr Edition

Thanks for reading!

– Luther out