Hey Everyone,

Here is our current map of Créad along with some outlines to help define the borders of the nations we have mentioned so far, who are the major players on the international stage of Créad. Créad is roughly earth sized.  As you can see, Free Market material has to to travel quite some distance, often by ship, to get to and from Dhuvalia. Part of the reason that Mega Fun Foods LLC’s was interested in this land was due to both the fertile soil and the ease of access via waterways when it came time to ship the product home to Treadhaven. For those wondering, the Free Market sections of the comic have taken place in western Dhuvalia, specifically the Principality of Capaissin. Most of the Dhuvalian segments have taken place in the western part of the country near the Capital.

Thanks and Happy Halloween to our American fans! To our fans living in other locales: you should throw a party with candy and costumes anyway. Give it some thought, at least.

- Luther out