Hey Everyone!

*Sniff sniff* is that… *sniff sniff* character development I smell? Why, yes! Yes it is!


While that is, of course, good news. I do have some unfortunate news. MLaW is taking a one month hiatus until October 10th.

When Matt and I started MLaW, we were both unemployed and basically created this as a fun venue to both show off and hone our skills as writers, artists and designers. However, in the three years since MLaW’s beginning we’ve become progressively more employed and our free time has accordingly shrank. This month, Matt has a pretty important design contract that he needs to focus on and well… MLaW doesn’t really pay the bills, even with t-shirt sales (thanks again to the super rad folks that have bought our super rad t-shirt!). As a result, his paying contracts have to take priority.

Thanks for your readership and your understanding, we’ll see you on October 10th!

- Luther out