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I’m glad to see that so many of you folks are into our world building experiment here. Now that we’ve covered some of the sports of the Free Market, let’s take a serious left turn and talk about the Limbs used by the Federative Republic of Salbhaça. I bring you: the Caravel Mk. 4!

But first, a few notes about Salbhaça.

Based in the northern part of the planet, in a remote mountainous jungle area ringed with even steeper, almost impassible, mountains, the Federative Republic of Salbhaça is the largest democracy on the planet. Though they were once a great, yet primitive, empire.

Isolated by their geography, the Salbhaçica (the people of Salbhaça) only established contact with the outside world ~700 years ago, when a group of intrepid foreign explorers crossed the mountains and drank deep of Salbhaça’s lush rivers. Those brave explorers were promptly killed by infections brought on by stomach parasites in the river water that their immune systems were unready for. 

When their bodies were discovered by a group of local hunters, a great commotion spread through the empire. Some attempted to claim that these foreign explorers were actually agents of the Gods, but that notion was quickly dismissed as foolish. Agents of the Gods don’t shit themselves to death because of river worms. The Salbhaçica realized that their empire was not alone and the world was more vast than they had imagined. Tlatoani (meaning ruler) Atotoztli III, decreed that it was time for them to discover this new world. Exploration teams were fashioned together out of the greatest minds and warriors of their empire, using the best copies they could manage of the equipment used by the dead foreign explorers.

A few years after their departure, these exploration teams began to return with unbelievable tales, strange foods, metal tools and most importantly: detailed maps. Early Salbhaçica theology and astronomy were closely interlinked. As a result, cartography seemed to come to them naturally. Some teams failed to return from their voyages and were mourned appropriately, but the thirst for knowledge that drove these first missions was never slaked.

While the rest of the world became enamored with the invention of the Limb war machines, the Salbhaçica have always had their eyes to the sky and stars. They embraced flight before any other people, originally using hot air balloons to help ferry supplies up the mountains to enable faster deployments of exploration and trade teams. 

However these days, if you asked the average person in most other countries to name the first thing that comes to mind when they think about this nation, most of them would say: “They’re leaving”.

Of all the nations, Salbhaça was hit the hardest with the after effects of the Impossible Wars. Radiation poisoned a lot of their lands and nearly an entire generation of young men were wiped out in disastrous battles. While the world was in a relative state of peace after the treaties were signed and nuclear research was forbidden the Salbhaçica knew that this could only be temporary. So began ‘A Grande Missão’ (The Great Mission). Salbhaça is planning to leave the planet and colonize a new one, where they can live in peace. To that effect, they have constructed a launch loop, which ferries new material into orbit on a near 24/7 basis. A second launch loop is under construction. Their destination planet is unknown, kept a closely guarded national secret. Also, more worryingly, is that these ships’ method of propulsion is kept just as secret. What could possibly be powerful enough to move these enormous ships across the stars?


Now you know a little bit about the people, let’s talk about the Caravel Mk. 4.


The Caravel is an old design that’s been refitted continuously with new equipment in order to keep it relevant on the modern battlefield, making it a mish-mash of old and new Limb design concepts. The Caravel is unique in that it is the only remaining production Limb to require 2 crew members, a pilot and a gunner/communications engineer.

The dish on its back is an advanced communication and sensing array, a helpful byproduct of Salbhaça’s space research. It’s one of the most advanced sensor packages feature on a Limb today. As seen on the rightmost segment of this image, some Caravels have actually been outfitted with a laser as their torso weapon, though these units are extremely rare and only intended for specialized missions.

Another interesting features are the heavy machine gun ball-turret on right hand side. This weapon is controlled by the gunner and used for defeating enemy infantry. 

In hand to hand combat the Caravel makes use of a vibro-macuahuitl. This older weapon, with its broad head and the ability to chew up any close combat weapon that gets too close, is very good for defense. However, it’s actually not very good at defeating modern Limb armor, a concern the pilots of the Exército Salbhaca have raised several times to their leaders. However, these requests keep getting ignored as their government keeps devoting more precious research resources to A Grande Missão. Representatives from Superior Ordnance LLC has offered several times to produce and sell them improved hand to hand weapons, but have been politely refused every time.

So there, I hope you folks have enjoy this brief history of Amalia’s homeland and the giant fighting robots that they make!

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