Hey Everyone,


Matt and I are in a slight jam with this page (and a few upcoming pages in general). A LONG time ago, we had this cool idea to use the shape of our speech bubbles to indicate a character’s regional accent. Round bubble for Free Market, rounded box for Dhuvalian. This felt like a great idea because it indicated another difference between the two cultures and just seemed really neat.

Unfortunately, we NEVER thought about a way to indicate which language everyone is speaking. Up until this very moment, we never really had a page centered around the idea of a language barrier. Right now we’re using the way the text is justified.

Centered Text = Treadspake
Left Alligned = Dhuvalian

Does that work or are we going to need to work on something a little more noticeable? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section!

Thanks reading,
– Luther out
UPDATE: Altered the text font and color to make the use of Dhuvalian a little more noticeable. Our next page will be ready Friday, May 26th.