Hello Everyone!

This is an interesting page, as it technically qualifies as an info dump, but I also feel like this style of direct lecturing is very in character for Christophe. He probably would have made a good professor, if the war hadn’t happened.

I’m also still internally gushing over the little details seen throughout this whole sequence. Little bits of background world building are some of my favorite things in science fiction and fantasy, and it’s a joy to include it in our work.

Also, as an update, we’re going to be temporarily switching to a twice monthly update schedule for a little bit. I know that isn’t ideal, but each page takes a long time, and Matt has some big commitments related to his actual job that he needs to handle, which always takes priority.

Thanks for reading,

– Luther out

PS: I was listening to ‘Farewell’ by Apocalyptica on loop while writing this particular sequence. I’d recommend giving it a listen if you decide to re-read all of this.